Murphy’s 5 Things for Dad 2017- and Two are FREE

(Murphy explains them all in detail starting at 45:10)

  1. Bose Noise cancellation Headphones
    • For a dad you want to spoil, or pool the money from siblings. Not cheap, but something every guy would love.
  1. Time Together
    • Not to sound like a statement of the obvious, but slowing down and setting aside a non-stop lifestyle for quality one-on-one time with dad just visiting, or over a meal is simple and poignant. Doesn’t have to cost anything but your time, and is always meaningful and priceless.
  2. Roku or Amazon Firestick
    • If Dad doesnt have a Smart TV,or an easy way to stream video to his flatscreen, this is the easy way to get him in the game for less thaan 50 bucks.
  3. Drone
    • Almost everyone has one….except your dad? Again, not cheap for a decent one, but maybe pool the family and make it a group gift. Yes, you can go cheaper ( search the link below) but pay specific attention to battery life and whether it has a camera or not….
  4. Family photo collage
    • You can do this in a traditional frame, or buy a digital frame. Memories and stories are the most priceless, special, and unique moments in our family. It never goes out of style. Whether you like the digital frame idea for under 80 bucks, or a $20 traditional frame.


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