Taylor Swift’s Powerful Quotes from Groping Trial


Taylor Swift did not mince words on the witness stand in this groping trial.

Jodi shares this Hollywood outsider at 13:41 minutes into today’s show podcast. (and again at 29:52 and 40:44)

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According to INDEPENDENT

Swift has claimed David Mueller, a DJ for radio station KYGO-FM, reached under her skirt and grabbed her buttocks while the two were posing for a picture in 2013.

The pop star took to the stand in the civil suit and said she felt “violated” and that the incident “was horrifying, shocking”.

During her testimony Swift refused to criticise her bodyguards for not responding sooner.

Mr Mueller’s lawyers turned their attention to Swift’s behaviour, asking why she had not reacted immediately and instead waited until she had greeted others before making a complaint.

Swift said she did not want to ruin the evening for her fans and had chosen to go into “auto pilot”.

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