The Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds

1. Labrador Retriever
They’re gentle with the family but tough on crime (they’re especially talented sniffer-outers). That—plus sleek coats in yellow, chocolate and black—explain why this is the AKC’s top dog for 26 years in a row.

2. German Shepard
Forget any connotations with the Five-O, this breed is all love. Maybe just give your mailman treats in advance to butter up your new puppy.

3. Golden Retriever
Preppy as hell, this breed’s ancestors hail back to the gamekeepers on the estate of the Scottish Lord Tweedmouth. No wonder these dogs like to act silly, they must be remembering that name.

4. Bulldog
With a short smushed nose and the bandy front legs of a canine Popeye, these are so funny-looking that they are beautiful. So what if their snoring keeps you up at night? Every night…

5. Beagle
America’s love affair with medium-sized dogs eases a bit now that the beagle has made the list. He’s a hare-hound at heart, so be sure to hold the leash tightly when you’re approaching the yard of that damn cat.

6. French Bulldog
Pretty much the dog for the Instagram age: small and cute, with ridiculous bat ears and a jaunty little trot. (Fun fact: This is New York City’s most popular breed.)

7. Poodle
The AKC wants to dispel “the old stereotype of poodles as a foofy velvet-pillow dogs looking down their long noses at us.” Fine. (And their popularity increased since last year’s list, so take that, macho dogs.)

8. Rottweiler
A solid working dog, these have a fancy history accompanying soldiers in ancient Rome. Today he still looks that imposing, but he’s great with kids and increasing in popularity in the U.S., possibly due to the irresistible children’s book Good Dog, Carl.

9. Yorkshire Terrier
At around ten pounds, with a mass of flowing hair begging to be brushed into a top knot, the Yorkie is the American Doll of pets.

10. Boxer
These sinewy creatures are super-smart, independent and love playing with children. But since they also love to jump using their muscular legs, just make sure they know the command “Down!” first.

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According to the American Kennel Club:

The Labrador Retriever does it again! The intelligent, family friendly Lab firmly holds on to the number one spot on the most popular list for a record-breaking 26th consecutive year.

The Lab’s eager to please temperament is just one of many reasons why this ideal family dog takes top honors year after year. They also excel at dog sports (like dock diving), make fantastic K-9 partners, and have even been known to save lives. On top of all that, they’re also pretty cute.

“The Labrador Retriever has a strong hold on the top spot, and doesn’t show signs of giving it up anytime soon,” said AKC Vice President Gina DiNardo. “The Lab is such a versatile dog that it’s no wonder it makes a great companion for a variety of lifestyles. Keep your eye on the Rottweiler, though. It’s been quietly winning hearts over the past decade.”

2016 Most Popular Dogs in the U.S. 2015 Most Popular Dogs in the U.S.
1. Labrador Retriever 1. Labrador Retriever
2. German Shepherd Dog 2. German Shepherd Dog
3. Golden Retriever 3. Golden Retriever
4. Bulldog 4. Bulldog
5. Beagle 5. Beagle
6. French Bulldog 6. French Bulldog
7. Poodle 7. Yorkshire Terrier
8. Rottweiler 8. Poodle
9. Yorkshire Terrier 9. Rottweiler
10. Boxer 10. Boxer

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