WATCH: The First Super Bowl LI Commercial Hits the Internet

The first Super Bowl commercial has hit the internet and it’s for (a company who works to help ANYBODY build and create a website). In the 30-second ad spot, action stars Jason Statham (The Transporter) and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman) cause quite a commotion at a restaurant while the chef in the back works on a website for a new business . The entire place eventually get’s blown up but fortunately, thanks to Wix, the website for the chef’s new business (a gourmet truck) goes up seamlessly.

The ad ends with the tagline,

 “To succeed in a disruptive world, Wix makes it easy to create your own website.”

Check it out below.

“We wanted to do something disruptive in terms of creative,” said Omer Shai, CMO of Wix.  “The ad shows that it doesn’t matter how disruptive the world is or the challenges you’ll face in starting your own business—we’ll be there for you.”

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