Wedding Trends in 2018


Weddings in 2018 are looking to be filled with heaps of new trends as couples are getting more inventive.

Here are 10 Wedding Trends in 2018 according to Brides

  1. Unplugged Ceremonies – send your guests a push notification 15 minutes before the ceremony that politely asks they put away their phones and allow the professional photographers to do their jobs.

  2. Fewer Hashtags – You search #SarahAndJimmy, and you’re going to get every #SarahAndJimmy photo out there,” he says. It’s no longer the convenient collection service it once was.
  3. Cash Registries – No one’s registering for a Keurig coffee maker, because they’ve been drinking Keurig coffee together for the past two years. “There are all of these wonderful experiences it would be nice for your guests to allow you to do, that quite simply, you need cash for.
  4. Destination Weddings – It’s completely counter intuitive, but most of the money surrounding destination weddings is not spent by the bride and groom.
  5. Fast Casual Food – many are bringing in casual options like taco trucks or DIY donut bars.
  6. Live Slideshows – if your grandma is 1,000 miles away, all she has to do is go to your website and she can experience the entire wedding live.
  7. Brides are getting bolder, and they want bolder colors and flowers.
  8. Modern Influences – In case you haven’t gotten the message, the weddings of 2018 will be modern—meaning they’ll be filled with small touches that are relevant, sleek, and far from boring
  9. Flexible Schedules – It used to be that a wedding weekend had three basic components: rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception. Then, we added the Sunday brunch. And now, in 2018, we should expect even more disrupting of the traditional schedule.
  10. Greenery & Botanicals – In 2018, expect a focus on plants, succulents, and greenery that are stunning beautiful, and rewardingly cost-effective.

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