What’s An “Adulting” Class? And Who Needs Them?


According to the New York Post:

A clue lies in the verbification of the word “adult.” Millennials are shamelessly signing up for “adulting” classes to teach them how to be grownup. Why didn’t we ever need to use “adult” as a verb before? Simple. All of youth was spent taking responsibility, learning to be independent, achieving maturity. Adulting was simply growing up. You were mature long before you were an adult.

Not anymore. Today’s young adults seem baffled and overwhelmed by ordinary grownup stuff.

“I see a lot of suffering around not knowing how to do the ‘adulting’ thing,” Maine psychotherapist Rachel Weinstein told the online magazine Quartz. Along with elementary school teacher Katie Brunelle, she created the Adulting School, which pitches itself with these words: “We know you’re sick of feeling like you’re pretending to be a grown-up and that someone’s going to realize you don’t know the sh%#t you’re supposed to know.”

Classes, in five categories (health, home repairs, etc.), are $19.99, so it’s not like adulting school is a big commitment. You can always go back to your juice boxes if you get too stressed. But what’s the point of making fun of millennials? If you grew up not knowing how to access your money, hang a picture or check the oil, maybe you’re not the one to blame. Parents of millennials — did you think you were doing your kids a favor by swathing their childhoods with bubble wrap?

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