Will Smith to Play in Tim Burton’s Live-Action ‘Dumbo’ Adaptation


Disney is at it again. They are already working on yet another live-action version to one of their original classics. Their next project will be ‘Dumbo‘ and Will Smith is reported to be in early talks to star in the film. If Smith does officially sign on for the live-action adaptation, he will play the father of the children who bond and develop a friendship with the lovable elephant.

This might sound strange since the original Disney cartoon was about a ridiculed baby elephant who grew up to reach his full potential with the help of a few other animal characters, but we must remember that this is an ADAPTATION, so the story may be a tad different.

Tim Burton is said to be directing, and we are told to expect a mix of live action and animation (similar to ‘Maleficent’ and ‘Cinderella’)

There is also word that Tom Hanks has been offered a role in the film too, but as the villain. How awesome would that be?!?!

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