Almost 100 Things to Do When Stuck at Home

  1. Go through old family photos (together!)
  2. Clean out closets/rearrange
  3. Watch an old movie you once loved
  4. Cook something new
  5. Teach kids to cook something
  6. Dance
  7. Clean your phone and its case!
  8. Play board (or video) games together
  9. Paint for fun
  10. Go for a nature walk (daily!)
  11. Wash your car
  12. FaceTime, Skype or Call a friend or family member
  13. String up Christmas lights in bedrooms
  14. Teach the kids how to do a few new chores
  15. Read a book you’ve not had the time for
  16. Take a long, hot bath
  17. Do Yoga!
  18. Clean out the “junk drawer”
  19. Color – together as a family
  20. Teach the kids how to make coffee!
  21. Make summer plans – for camps, vacations etc
  22. Clean up phone apps!
  23. Give the dog a bath
  24. Make smoothies
  25. Give yourself a pedicure
  26. Rearrange furniture
  27. Learn how to use an app you’ve never figured out
  28. Update the family calendar
  29. Do taxes!
  30. Check on friends who work in the service industry
  31. Introduce the kids to some great older music
  32. Write a note to kids/family members & mail it! (kids like getting mail)
  33. Practice making a charcuterie board! (with what you have)
  34. Teach a child to clean the kitchen
  35. Make grilled cheese sandwiches
  36. Take pictures of the kids & pets (photo session!)
  37. Actually play hide & seek with kids
  38. Use your favorite photos to make a pic collage book
  39. Teach the dog a trick
  40. Clean out the garage
  41. Let the kids play school – you are the student
  42. Do a face mask
  43. Tell the kids stories about when they were babies
  44. Watch old family videos – together
  45. Read Harry Potter to the kids! The whole family can enjoy it.
  46. Bake something!
  47. Re Binge a fave show
  48. Make popcorn
  49. Foster a dog through a local rescue
  50. Take an online course (language, sales, art)
  51. Send personal IM’s to people you don’t see enough
  52. Plan an upcoming birthday party
  53. Work on your resume
  54. Clean out cabinets
  55. Try on everything in your closet – mix up outfits
  56. Clean windows
  57. Look through family recipes
  58. Watch a favorite football game again!
  59. Clean 1 room per day

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