Artichoke & Tomato Summer Side Dish


So this is 1 of my favorite summer side dishes because it is EASIER than easy – no cooking required.

I use fresh bite sized tomatoes, sliced, and a jar of marinated artichokes.

Place the tomatoes and artichokes in a dish, and leave some of the marinade in with the artichokes.  Yum!  Season with some shredded cheeses if you’d like.  My FAVORITE way to eat it is warmed in the oven for about 10 minutes.

(Funny story:  1 time Murphy started eating it before I put it in the oven, so we just had it cold.  It’s good like that too!   If you have it cold, I recommend adding sliced fresh avocado.)

This dish LOOKS pretty and fresh.  Prep time – 5 sweet little summer minutes.  MUAH!!



P.S.  Sometimes the artichokes have rough ends or they are BIG.  I sometimes cut them into smaller pieces.


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