Jodi’s Blog: ‘A Dog Addict’s Problem’



Fostering dogs IS my hobby, and I LOVE it.  I love THEM.  Dogs make me happy, it’s as simple as that.  Since there are SO MANY who need good homes…….this is how I try to help.  People always ask – “How do you give them up?”   I understand the question.   It IS hard to fall in love, only to find them a different home.   But I DO it, because it’s BIGGER PICTURE.  I can help more dogs this way.

RIGHT NOW though – I’m in a pickle.  I have 2 foster dogs.   Aren’t they awesome?!?!!   The big handsome guy is a boxer/lab mix.  The little grey one is a pit terrier.  Both will be lifetime companions to some lucky family.   Problem is — we have no male in our pack right now.  Only 3 females.  And I WANT this male.  Murphy is not so sure.   Time will tell if he BELONGS with us.

Dog addicted.  Dog crazy.  So much love!!!!!!

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