FLASHBACK: After The Show PODCAST: Sam’s NEW Teeth!


How Sam’s surgery & recovery went & DOES he sound different??!?

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  1. Anne
    April 24, 2024 at 5:45 am

    I’m terrified, Sam. Now, that I just heard you can have solid foods and ate a pizza (by the way, my husband just cracked a crown on pizza crust!!) I’ve also been sober from opioids for 9 years in October and addicts can have issues with sedation. Period. Now that you are healed, was it all worth it!!?? Could you tell me if you used like Clear Choice or can my oral surgeon do this during the same process you are explaining? I know the whole implant procedure and the procedure you are talking about and now that I’ve waited so long, I need to do this process. I can’t believe this procedure is done in one day at some places. I’m guessing since you are doing the waiting period before your permanent set-you didn’t go through a place like Clear Choice. I’m also not in your area. I’m in VA. Anything you can tell me to help would seriously help or if there are other places to listen to your journey??


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