Gift A Day 2018

Need ideas for your holiday shopping? Look no further. We’ve got a bunch of great items for you, and we are adding more to our list every day.

 Murphy’s Electronics List


In the kitchen:

  • Anova Precision Cooker Nano – For the specialty cook who wants to dive into the ‘ sous vide’ craze. Be sure to google ” sous vide” cooking in case you’re not sure about what this does. Basically it is a French cooking technique using bags and boiling water, and this is what measures and tells you when everything is done.
  • Instant Pot LUX60V3 V3 6 Qt – Why the 6qt “midline” version ?Although there is an 8qt ” do it all” Instant Pot for $150, this pot will accommodate most cooking situations at nearly half the cost. It’s the most popular selling Instant Pot, and is a great starter pot for the “I.P. Newbie”
Backup to the backup
  • AnkerPowerCore 20100 – A lightweight battery backup charger – that can charge your i Phone 7 times and your Samsung Galaxy S8 5 times before needing another charge. When you can’t find an outlet, and your phone battery is dying – or if you need to power an iPad – this backup comes in handy. Light enough to carry or keep in the glove box.
Streaming TV ( ie Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go etc)
  • Roku Ultra – It’s a LOT cheaper to upgrade your streaming device than your entire Smart TV. This connects with HDMI cables to the TV and wirelessly to your wi-fi router. Basically any streaming service can be streamed over the Roku.
First SmartSpeaker?
  • If you’d rather tiptoe than dive into the smart speaker world – the most cost effective way to do so is with the Echo Dot ( Generation 3) from Amazon ( if you’re an Alexa person), or the Google Home Mini ( if you’re a Google person). Both units have different strengths, and neither delivers pumping stereo sound – but they sound good enough for the speaker size. Most importantly both can integrate with a number of home automation systems, each can access online streaming services and music libraries. Of course you can always choose the large Echo Plus ( around $130) unit and the Google Home fullsize unit (around $100).
Wireless speakers ( Wi-Fi)
  • Sonos is the step up in sound of wi-fi networked speakers. The new Sonos One has Alexa integrated into it – and although you cannot ‘connect’ them to your multi room Echo speakers from Amazon, you can tie together as many Sonos speakers as you’d like to play simultaneously through your home. The Sonos One is a great entry speaker – but the Sonos line includes larger speakers, a soundbar, and even a subwoofer for the serious audiophile. To simplify – a pair of Sonos speakers can be setup as stereo and fill the average room with clear audio and surprisingly good bass response for a small speaker. You won’t get the thump of a full range speaker – but it is very good.
Cameras – So here is the simple part of the camera roundup for this year pricey, pricier, and priciest:
  • CanonPowerShot SX740 HS – For a better than average point a shoot and dad/mom who want to go the next level above a smartphone( Canon). Pocket sized, easy to use, great resolution.
  • Nikon D3500 – For the “entry level” DSLR camera- which is the level above point and shoot that uses interchangeable lenses and is the foray into professional photography, the latest Nikon is capable of stills and 4k video.
  • Sony RX100 VA The best point and shoot ?- The Sony RX 100 is now in its sixth generation. It can shoot near broadcast spec video, incredibly detailed stills – and has a multitude of functions that allow you to be ‘fully auto’ or ‘fully in control.’ If someone you know prefers point and shoot, but appreciates a true piece of advanced electronics, this is a super sweet camera in a small package.
For the kids –
After our list was given out on air, we decided to modify our recommendations slightly after a few reviews called to our attention. Both of these are still in the same categories, but slightly different models:
  • Hot Wheels Ai Intelligent Race System Starter Kit – Two players, two remote controls, and a race track. Always fun for any kid ( and some adults too for that matter). Listeners rated this as the better race track. (This is not the same as the Hot Wheels Augmoto set, which some listeners indicated wasn’t ready for prime time, especially with the android/iphone apps.)
  • Mini Quadcopter Drone, EACHINE E010 – Listeners suggested this entry level drone over the ‘Orb’ we mentioned, mainly because the battery life is much better. This quadcopter can fly up to 30 minutes on one charge, whereas several listeners commented that they could only get the Spinmaster Air Hogs ‘Orb’ to last up to 5. Based on that feedback, might be best to choose playtime length over novelty.

  TANGLE Creations NightBall Light Up Soccer Ball

  • ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: Do ever get that itch to get active, but it’s already dark out? Introducing Tangle Creations NightBall. It’s the soccer ball that you can play with any time of day. It doesn’t matter how late you get home or how short the days are getting, play soccer until you’re ready for bed!
  • DO COOL KICK TRICKS: If you thought your soccer tricks and juggling were impressive before, just wait until you get a ball that lights up. Do cool tricks in the dark, impress your friends. Make videos for the internet and go viral in no time with the NightBall from Tangle.
  • AUTOMATICALLY LIGHTS UP: Don’t worry about the ball going dark on you and getting lost in the night. The NightBall is designed to illuminate both upon impacts or during movement. Each kick, punt, and roll of the ball triggers the light so you never lose track of it.
  • YOUR FAVORITE SPORT AMPED UP: The ball lights up, but the other players might not. Playing in the dark puts a new spin on your game. You can sneak up on someone and swoop in to steal the ball. They will literally never see you coming until it’s too late!


Tangle NightBall Glow in the Dark Light Up LED Football

  • ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: Do ever get that itch to get active, but it’s already dark out? Introducing Tangle Creations NightBall. It’s the football that you can play with any time of day. It doesn’t matter how late you get home or how short the days are getting, play football until you’re ready for bed!
  • WATCH IT FLY: The Tangle NightBall Football is easy for everyone to the throw. Its larger size is great for smaller hands and the matrix design make it easy to throw and catch – day or night. Throw it through the air for a perfect pass or punt it for a fantastic field goal. It will light up the sky!
  • AUTOMATICALLY LIGHTS UP: Don’t worry about the ball going dark on you and getting lost in the night. The NightBall is designed to illuminate both upon impacts or during movement. Each toss, bounce, and roll of the ball triggers the light so you never lose track of it.
  • YOUR FAVORITE SPORT AMPED UP: The ball lights up, but the other players might not. Playing in the dark puts a new spin on your game. You can sneak up on someone and swoop in to steal the ball. They will literally never see you coming until it’s too late!

NightMatch Light Up Soccer Ball Flaming Red Edition

  • IMPACT ACTIVATED LEDs – Two high quality LED lights located inside  the football make this ball light up and glow when bounced or kicked! It will only stay lit up when actively played and will automatically switch off after 30 seconds without action. There is no mechanical switch on the ball. This ball is much brighter than other “glow in the dark balls” you may find. They actively glow using battery powered LEDs – they are NOT just passively using fluorescence.
  • BALL PUMP, BATTERIES AND EXTRA-SET OF SPARE BATTERIES INCLUDED – The ball is delivered deflated like most other balls. A proper standard ball pump is included to easily inflate the ball and you can use it for other balls as well! The ball comes with mounted batteries and is ready to play. An extra set of spare batteries is included additionally. The batteries will last about 30 hours of playing and are easy to replace. A tool and a manual are included to make battery changing even easier.
  • HIGH QUALITY – This ball is not one of these cheap toys that will only last a couple of days. It plays just like a normal soccer ball. It is made from high-quality materials, is very sturdy, durable and even waterproof! GREAT FUN – enjoy playing soccer in twilight and dark. You, your kids, friends and even your soccer club team members will love it! The ball is very bright in the dark and can be seen from far distances!

“Made for Amazon” ECHOGEAR Outlet Shelf for Echo Dot

  • Certified “Made for Amazon” accessory transforms the outlet into a shelf to hold your Echo device or anything else up to 10 lbs
  • Will work with All-New Echo Dot (3rd Gen & Kids edition), Echo Plus(2nd Gen) and Echo (2nd Gen), and all previous Echo generations – perfect for Alexa-enabled devices
  • Standard wall plate covers and decora wall plate covers included for style
  • Super easy & safe install – exactly like replacing an outlet cover! (just leave your fork in the drawer)



Outdoor Family Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

  • EAT FIRE ROASTED MARSHMALLOWS WITHOUT BURNING YOURSELF: Keep your family safe from the campfire with up to 32 inches of extension and a safe handle that does not get hot with direct heat from a campfire when roasting the marshmallows on your roasting sticks.
  • MAKE YOURSELF SOME GOOEY S’MORES: Effortlessly extend/telescope your marshmallow roasting sticks that securely hold your marshmallow.
  • NO MORE ARGUING OVER WHOSE STICK IS WHOSE: Each of the 8 roasting sticks are identified with different colors on the end of the handles to help stop the petty fussing.



Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

  • Professional Telescoping Roasting Stick: Experts recommend 11—32inch telescoping forks in order to keep children a safe distance from any patio fire pit or the campfire. Non-sharp prongs make Kids Safe use the roasting stick.
  • Easy for Grilling Control: Ezire fork design allows you to adjust roasting fork length to grill easily. You can spin marshmallow, BBQ and veggies when cooking and giving you optimum control.
  • Environmental Material: Highest quality FDA approved power welded forks use Non-Toxic 18/8 304 stainless steel to ensure no rusting and safe roasting.
  • Easy Clean and Convenient Storage: Extendable fork design and heat-resistant canvas pouch are convenient to long camping trips or storing.

Victoria’s Secret Angels Only Eau de Parfum Rollerball

  • Angels Only Eau de Parfum Rollerball 7 ml/.23 fl oz
  • Brand new – manufacturer’s boxed product.
  • Vibrant fragrance in a grab-and-go version of luscious freshness and modern florals.
  • Notes: Apple blossom, fresh freesia and violet

Marc Jacobs Daisy Rollerball

  • Launched by the design house of Marc Jacobs
  • Blend of strawberry, violet, pink grapefruit, gardenia, jasmine, white woods, vanilla, and musk
  • Long lasting fragrance


Kate Spade Walk On Air Rollerball

Launched by the design house of Kate Spade. This floral fragrance has a blend of lime, bergamot, fern, neroli, narcissus, jasmine, magnolia, lily of the valley, and violet leaf notes.

Officially Licensed Star Wars Darth Vader Cuff Links

Cufflinks Officially Licensed Star Wars Darth Vader Cuff Links


  • Star Wars Darth Vader Cufflinks
  • Approximately 7/8″ x 3/4″ Rhodium plated base metal and enamel
  • Bullet back closure Officially licensed by Lucasfilm
  • Free Gift Wrapping with each order!
  • Comes packaged in a Limited Edition Collectors Storage Box!



Rogue One Darth Vader Light Saber Handheld Immersion Blender


Star Wars Darth Vader Silicone Oven Mitt

  • ‘Come to the Dark Side. We have cookies.’ Protect your hand with this Star Wars Darth Vader Silicone Oven Mitt!
  • Made with high grade silicone, this mitt is strong enough to protect your hand and still allow you to use the Force. Dark like the side you are on, this oven mitt is designed to withstand thermal exhaust and has ridges on the underside of the fingers for better gripping.
  • Whether you are baking or cooking, make sure your hand is protected with this Star Wars Darth Vader Silicone Oven Mitt! Measures about 13 1/2-inches long.

Dry Erase and Chalk Board

  • Sturdy wooden double-sided tabletop art easel that folds flat to store
  • Magnetic dry-erase board on one side, chalkboard on the other
  • Built-in wooden paper roll holder with paper guide and tear bar holds 12″ paper rolls
  • Includes 50-foot long paper roll, dry-erase marker, 5 pieces of colored chalk, eraser, and 36 letter and number magnets

Philips Norelco Special Edition Star Wars Storm Trooper

  • ComfortCut blades with rounded profile heads glide smoothly over your skin for a protective shave
  • Heads flex in 4 directions to easily shave every curve of your face and neck
  • Get a convenient dry shave or a more comfortable wet shave with gel or foam
  • Includes click-on styler attachment with 5-length settings for beard and mustache trimming

Harry Potter: The Illustrated Collection 

This beautifully produced boxed set is the perfect introduction to the Harry Potter series, and an impressive gift for new readers and lifelong fans alike. It contains the first three books in the series

Flavored Coffees

Cameron’s Coffee Cinnamon Sugar Cookie

  • UNIQUELY HANDCRAFTED COFFEE: One, 12 ounce bag of Cameron’s Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Blend. We craft Cameron’s Coffee to be the smoothest, most flavorful coffee possible. Our coffee is sustainable, hand-crafted, and small-batch roasted.
  • RICH AND FLAVORFUL: You won’t be able to stop yourself. Everyone steals the last cookie from the cookie jar with this delicious coffee.
  • ALWAYS SMOOTH, NEVER BITTER: We choose only the top 10% of Arabica coffee beans in the world, hand-crafted to perfection. Brew a smooth, full-flavor coffee experience every time. Never over-roasted.
  • SUSTAINABLY SOURCED: From roasting in small batches to reducing water consumption, Cameron’s Coffee is committed to making every day brighter. Creating positive change mean caring about our coffee, farmers, and the environment.
  • QUALITY FIRST: We choose only the top 10% of beans in the world, hand-crafted to perfection. Never over-roasted. If you enjoy Lavazza Coffee, Door County Coffee, Caribou Coffee, Death Wish Coffee, or Illy Coffee – try Cameron’s Coffee.


Folgers Simply Gourmet Flavored Ground Coffee

  • Naturally flavored coffee with NO artificial flavors
  • A perfect blend of 100% Premium Arabica Coffee beans and natural flavoring
  • Roasted-to-perfection ground coffee combined with natural chocolate flavor for a decadent taste and aroma
  • Enjoy the delicious, naturally flavored coffee on its own or with a touch of real cream and natural sugars

Community Coffee Pecan Praline Flavored Medium Roast

  • HINTS OF FLAVOR: Steeped in the Southern flavors of creamy pralines and sweet pecans, this Pecan Praline flavored coffee is a truly delightful treat. Made from only 100% select Arabica coffee beans. Enjoy 12 ounces (approx 45 six-ounce cups of coffee.)
  • FIND YOUR PERFECT BLEND: A blend for every taste; medium roast Breakfast Blend for a perfect morning, Café Special or Coffee & Chicory (New Orleans tradition) for an afternoon perk, an evening cup of Signature Dark, Decaf, or a flavored coffee blend for a treat.
  • MAKE IT COMMUNITY: Community Coffee is dedicated to giving back to the communities we serve with passion for ensuring everything we do is as good as our coffee through sustainable coffee bean sourcing, giving back to single-origin coffee farms, military and education.


Fire & Blood: 300 Years Before A Game of Thrones

The thrilling history of the Targaryens comes to life in this masterly work by the author of A Song of Ice and Fire, the inspiration for HBO’s Game of Thrones.


Removable Dry Erase Wall Sticker

Crayola Kid’s Wooden Easel, Dry Erase Board and Chalkboard

  • Includes double sided easel, paper roll, 3 paint pots, plastic clips
  • Dual-sided dry erase and chalkboard easel
  • Tray located beneath writing surface with paint pot storage
  • Large clips hold paper in place while kids draw, Color, & create

Kaos Soccer Balls

  • raining and recreational quality for endless hours of play
  • 32-Panel ball for true and accurate flight
  • Machine Stitched for tighter and stronger seams
  • Re-enforced latex rubber bladder for better surface tension
  • Includes a free black mesh ball bag with purchase


  • 15 squishy inches.
  • All new polyester fiber.
  • Ages 3 and up!


Exotic Meat Crate (Exotic Jerky Gift

  • Buffalo Jerky (3oz) & Rabbit Jerky (3oz)
  • Elk Summer Sausage (16oz) & Venison Landjaegers (6oz)
  • Wild Boar BBQ Jerky (0.75oz) & Alpaca Jerky (1oz) & Beef and Ostrich Stick (1oz) & Maple Duck Jerky Stick (1oz) & Beef and Pheasant Jerky Stick (1oz)
  • These exotic meat sticks and sausage use a time tested recipe that balances wild game with premium pork or beef to accentuate the flavors
  • Comes in a Wooden Gift Crate – Jerky Lover Gift Set – Great Gift For Him – Christmas Gift – Birthday

Carnivore Club Gift Box

  • Bacon Hot Sauce (5oz) & Bacon Salt (4oz)
  • Bacon Jerky (2oz)
  • Sir Francis Bacon Brittle (Chocolate or Peanut)
  • Vosges Dark Chocolate Bacon Bar & Dry Cured Bacon (14oz Altogether)
  • Awesome Christmas Gift – Bacon Lover Gift Set – Great Gift For Him – Birthday Gift – Comes in a Wooden Crate Made of American Pine

OLIGHT 90 Lumens TIR Lens AAA Flashlight Compact Keychain Flashlite

  • Pls remove the plastic wrapper of the battery before using . This is a twist EDC keychain flashlight not button light.
  • BRIGHTNESS LEVELS : Run great with ONLY ONE AAA battery to push to 90 LUMENS shockingly bright. 44 meters beam distance , lifespan is up to 60,000 hours. Compared to some other keychain flashlights around the same price point, you will find that the olight i3E black key ring has at least seven times the output for the same price.

Lightning Cable USB Leather Tassel Key Chain 

  • 【NOT JUST A CABLE】: It’s a portable charging cable and more a decoration accessories pendant for your key chain, car key ring, handbag, shoulder bag, schoolbag purse etc
  • 【MINI & TANGLE FREE】:A portable 20cm length USB cord with tangle-free design comes with a keychain for easy storage and carrying. Mini, lightweight and convenient to carry.
  • 【CHARGE & SYNC CABLE】:Convenient charging and data syncing at the same time with charging current up to 3.0 mAh providing fastest charging and data transferring speed

 USB Heated Mouse Pad Mouse Hand Warmer with Wristguard Warm Winter Pink

  • USB Warmer Mouse Pad with built-in warmer pad can help warm your freezing cold hand while you are at work.
  • The temperature of the mouse pad will go up to a suitable degree after it is connected to the computer, just plug it into the USB port, then you can warm your hand all the time.
  • Lovely design,beautiful and practical,suit for home and office desk.

Home Heritage 7′ Pre-Lit PVC Artificial Half Christmas Tree with Folding Stand

  • Pre-Strung with 150 warm white LED lights to keep your tree shining throughout the holiday season
  • 552 Traditional PVC needle tips for an ultra-realistic look and feel that will last for years to come
  • Half tree backs perfectly against any wall to save space



 Cat Deterrent Automatic Spray Can

  • MOTION ACTIVATED – unscented spray safely keeps pets away from off-limits areas such as counters and trash cans.
  • VERSATILE AND EASY TO USE – indoor training aid for cats and dogs of all sizes. Motion sensor detects pet movement and releases a quick burst of harmless yet annoying spray to create a pet-free area indoors.
  • ADJUSTABLE – motion detector and adjustable spray nozzle covers up to 3 feet. 80-100 SPRAY PER CAN – replacement cans are quick and easy to replace. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Zero Ozone Depletion.


Anker Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger, 3350mAh 

  • High-speed Charging Technology: PowerIQ detects your device to deliver its fastest possible charge speed up to 1 amp.
  • Ultra Compact: Our original lipstick-shaped aluminum design (3.7 × 0.9 × 0.9in, 3oz). Recharges in 3-4 hours with a 1 amp adapter (not included) and the included Micro USB cable.
  • Backup Battery Life: Adds over one charge to an iPhone 8 or at least 80% to the Galaxy S8 and other flagship smartphones.

Womens Buffalo Plaid Henley Thermal Onesie

  • 40% polyester
  • COMFY & COZY: Keep warm with thermal underwear clothing designed with impressive comfort in mind. No dealing with thermals that itch, scratch and cause you to break into an uncomfortable sweat. The #followme 1-piece thermal underwear onesie is made using a soft blend of 60% cotton and 40% polyester that allows your skin to naturally breathe while still keeping you toasty.
  • STAY WARM IN STYLE: A lovely multi-button Henley design combines with the eye-catching buffalo check to create a women’s thermal jumpsuit that oozes effortless style. Choose from our bright and beautiful color options and keep the shivers at bay the totally cute way.


Big Mouth Billy Bass – Compatible with Alexa

  • Big mouth Billy bass is back and better than ever. Everyone’s favorite talking and singing fish is now programmed to respond to Alexa voice commands.
  • Pair big mouth Billy bass with your preferred device in the Echo family and let the fun begin.
  • Responds to Alexa voice commands
  • Lip syncs with Alexa spoken responses
  • Responds to inquiries about the weather, your commute, the news, random facts, and more


Greenworks 1700PSI Pressure Washer

  • Makes less noise than gas making ideal for neighborhoods or residential complexes
  • 1700 PSI at 1.2 GPM will blast through grime and dirt to restore your surfaces
  • Can be used vertically or horizontally for greater stability during use
  • Includes a 25° and 40° quick connect tip for a variety of cleaning applications
  • 20 feet high pressure hose with reel for greater reach and easy storage
  • Soap applicator to apply soap to completely clean any surface
  • 35 ft power cord with inline GFCI for use on all exterior outlets

WoodWick Large Frasier Fir Candle

  • WoodWick
  • Large
  • Frasier Fir Scent
  • Crackle Wick
  • Candle

Simon Game

  • Simon Electronic Memory Game
  • Imported
  • The classic 80’s game of quick action, memory and recall is back and has a sleek new look and improved performance; it’s surprisingly addictive.
  • Can you remember the flashing light sequences and repeat them correctly? as you get better the level of difficulty increases.
  • The new updated design with new LCD counter keeps track of the score; has single and multi-player modes.
  • Features the immensely popular original 3 games from the original Simon.

Basic Fun Arcade Classics – Pac Man

  • RETRO PLAY – Authentic 80’s graphics, sounds and game play
  • AUTHENTIC Joy stick control, graphics and sounds make the game play as exciting as the original!
  • NEW Brighter Screen for enhanced gameplay!
  • INCLUDES 3 AA batteries for immediate play! Age: 8+

Stretch Armstrong

  • The original Stretch Armstrong returns!
  • Grab hold and stretch his arms, legs and torso up to four times his original size
  • You can stretch him and tie him in knots, he will always go back to his original shape!
  • Approximately 12″ tall, Dimensions: 12 inches H x 6.25 inches;Weight: 3.031 pounds
  • The Stretch Armstrong toy is for Ages 5+


 Lite-Brite Ultimate

  • Updated Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic is now brighter then ever with a bigger screen and more pegs! Screen measures 8.125” W x 6.875” H. Includes more than 200 colorful, round, 1″ long pegs.
  • Inspires creativity and helps develop fine motor skills & hand-eye coordination!
  • Battery-powered LED bulbs light up the screen 4 different ways for a fun light show of your artwork!
  • Includes 6 design templates designed specifically to fit this screen. If you would like more template choices, please go to to download more options.


Relative Insanity Party Game About Crazy Relatives

  • FEATURED ON AND PLAYED BY THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON, RACHAEL RAY SHOW AND MORE! It’s a hilarious game about crazy family members and even crazier situations–perfect for game nights with friends and family!
  • Read a setup card aloud, like, “When my brother brought out his new baby to show the family, Granny blurted out…”
  • Then everyone else chooses a punch line card to finish the phrase, like maybe, “You are not the father!” or “Somebody took a trip to the land of bad decisions.”

Game of Phones


  • BUNDLE INCLUDES: Game of phones and The very first Expansion pack of 30 all new cards to go with the main game
  • Find the weirdest and bestest things on your phone to win, Show off old photos & fresh ones too
  • Makes a great Christmas Present or Stocking Stuffer

What Do You Meme?

  • Warning: NOT intended for children.
  • The adult party game everyone’s talking about.
  • Compete with friends and family to create the funniest memes.


  • Over 1,700 words, 8 erasable sketch books, 8 dry erase markers, 8 clean-up cloths
  • Perfect for families, small parties or friends; LOL fun for everyone!
  • Award Winning Party Game – great ice breaker
  • No Drawing Skills Required; Stick figures & sense of humor welcome!

TRIVIAL PURSUIT: World of Harry Potter Edition

  • 600 questions based on the Harry Potter movies
  • Quick to play, easy to store, and convenient to carry
  • Play Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit from the car, on family trips, or anywhere!

Platinum Family Feud Signature Game

  • Do you have what it takes to win Platinum Family Feud? Survey says…yes!
  • Can you name the #1 way to wake someone up in the morning that would be really mean? How about the top talent people wish they had?
  • Challenge your friends and family to the popular Family Feud game for 3+ players.


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