Healthy Bedtime Snacks


We all know how difficult it is to resist reaching into the fridge on the way to the bed. Hopefully, you can fill your fridge with some of these light snacks that will be better for you and your sleep.

According to Cooking Light


One of the main benefits of popcorn is the visuals! You’re consuming less while your brain sees more. Think of comparing a whole bag of popcorn to a whole bag of chips. Which one takes up more space in the bowl and how much will an entire bowl of either impact your daily consumption? Popcorn is lighter on the calories and promotes better digestive health.


Salted Watermelon

Low in calories and maxed out hydration factor. Putting a smidgen of salt onto some watermelon will bring out the sweetness of the fruit as well. It’s the perfect snack for hot summer nights.

Roasted carrots and sunflower seed butter

A strange combination will bring you protein and carbs in a light and healthy way. It’s not too filling (an important factor before bed) and you can always add some chocolate to the mix to sweeten the taste.

Greek yogurt

I think we all have a sense that this stuff is good for you. This will also deliver protein and carbs in a way that will not keep you full but will make you feel refreshed before bed.


Raw unsalted pumpkin seeds

You know how eating turkey at Thanksgiving makes you tired? I’m sure you’re aware of the reason it does that: tryptophan. Surprisingly, pumpkin seeds also contain this amino acid and that will not only give you healthy fats and fiber, but will promote a better night’s rest thanks to the boost in serotonin that these seeds provide.


More tips can be found at Cooking Light



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