Hollywood Outsider: Jodi’s “A Star is Born” Review


The trailer for this movie GOT me there!!!  I went EARLY….to the Tuesday night early screening.  This put me home late.  But was worth it.

I love Gaga, and Bradly Cooper – wowa.   He had me at Hello in The Hangover.

I have NEVER seen any of the other adaptations of this movie – so I only knew it was a troubled love story going in.  It was LONG.  A little over 2 hours.  But I do think it needed that time.  It was SO WELL DONE.  But – my only warning, is that it’s heavy.  When leaving the theater, I was so sad.  It was emotionally draining.  They did their job (for me) of making the audience FEEL something.

A Star is Born really goes all in about addiction too.  It will resonate with families.

When I love a movie, I usually want to see it again & again.  Not sure my heart can take this one again anytime soon.  But I WILL be downloading the music!  It is GREAT.

Muah!    Hope you enjoy it too.   -Jodi

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