How To Work At Home Without Going Crazy


Working from home sounds nice, but how do you do it without going insane? After a while, wouldn’t you need some sort of social interaction? Wouldn’t you need to get out an be elsewhere beyond the confines of your home? Producer Emilie will soon discover the answer to this since she is be leaving Murphy Sam and Jodi to pursue a job that will allow her to stay home and spend more time with her kids (every mother’s dream).

The following list comes from Forbes:

  • Make a schedule and stick to it.
    • Set your alarm clock like an adult. Get out of bed. Start your day. Then end your day at a certain time. If the schedules of spouses and children do not impose these parameters upon you, you must create them for yourself. This gives your day rhythm, an end point that requires you close the computer, head to the gym, dine with your family, or take care of your personal life. Also: A schedule helps define boundaries between your work and personal life, which are so easily blurred by the work-at-home.
  • Bake in social interaction.
    • Humans are not designed to live in isolation. If your work life does not naturally force you into the physical company of fellow homo sapiens, you must consciously seek that out regularly. As you build your weekly and monthly calendar, schedule lunches with colleagues, friends and clients. Conferences and networking events are great for both your career and mental health. Hobbies that require group interaction are so good for you: Team sports, fitness and craft classes, hiking clubs and music groups.
  • Find an online community.
    • Everyone needs others to bounce off ideas, brainstorm, network for resources and professional opportunities. These things happen organically in an office. Find a Facebook group, forum for a professional organization, or ad-hoc network of colleagues with whom you can G-chat periodically during workdays.

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