More News from ‘Mission: Impossible’ Premiere


“He will do anything to get the shots he wants in a movie.  He’s crazy like that.”  -Jodi

According to USA Today:

1. Tom Cruise’s ankle, which he broke on the set, is on the mend.

Cruise was injured jumping off the roof of a building and colliding with the wall of another. “It was a hard hit, and I was trying to mitigate the hit,” he said. “I thought, ‘Well, I’m just going to touch my foot,’ and I just kept it there for, really, a split-second too long, to try to soften the impact of the side of the wall.” Cruise said he knew immediately he’d broken his ankle, but thought he should finish the shot anyway.

2. Henry Cavill isn’t shaken by #Mustachegate.

Cavill’s character, August Walker, has facial hair in the film, which had to be digitally removed from “Justice League” when reshoots for the superhero movie overlapped with “Fallout” filming.”People get excited about all sorts of things, it just happen to be my mustache this time around,” he said. If you’re wondering if the hullabaloo makes him more wary of facial hair choices now, the answer is “no.”

3. Michelle Monaghan and Rebecca Ferguson became great friends during filming.

4. Wolf Blitzer dished on his casting.

5. Tom Terrific surprised fans.

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