Murphy’s Life Saving Portable Battery Jumper


DBPOWER 500A Portable Car Jump Starter Auto Battery Booster


  • Jump start your vehicle (up to 3L gas or 2.5L diesel engine) up to 20 times with 400 amps of peak current and heavy duty clamps and cables. Compact enough to store in your glovebox.
  • DBPOWER Jump Starter DJS60, jump cables, 12V wall charger, 12V car charger, use guide, our fan-favorite 3-year warranty and friendly customer service.


DBPOWER 1200A Portable Car Jump Starter (for 6.5L Gas, 5.2L Diesel Engine and More)

  • At 1200 amp peak current, your DBPOWER device packs enough punch to be able to jump start all 12V battery vehicles up to 6.5L gas and 5.2L diesel engines.
  • Unlike the traditional jump starter, you can use it to charge vehicle’s battery for less than 10 minutes through the cigarette charger , and then try to start your car inside.

DBPOWER 300A Portable Car Jump Starter (Only for Gas Engine up to 2.5L)

  • Jump start your vehicle up to 2.5L gas engine up to 10 times with 300 amps of peak current and heavy duty clamps and cables.
  • With 8000mAh capacity, charge phones, tablets, kindles and other devices at speeds of up to 2.1 amps per port overall.
  • WHAT YOU GET: DBPOWER Jump Starter DJS40, intelligent jumper cables, Android USB cable (NO adapter, universal USB adapter compatible)

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