Lady Gaga is Already Working her Next Album


Lady Gaga will be hitting the stage Super Bowl Sunday to perform the Pepsi Halftime show, but she seems to be doing a bit more than just rehearsing lately.

Forbes magazine has reported that the superstar is already working on her next album, and she’s recording in between rehearsals at the NGR Stadium in Houston, TX where the big game will be held. (CLICK HERE to see Gaga’s dangerous Super Bowl halftime plans). And although Gaga has not announced any plans of a release date, some suspect that it will be sometime in October 2017.

The biggest brands and advertisers still agree that the Super Bowl is the most prestigious marketing platform available today. Drawing in over 200 million eyeballs, the highly anticipated event offers an incredible opportunity for exposure. Amongst the swarm of content and festivities, the halftime show performance is unique, and stands out from the crowds of companies willing to pay north of $5 million for just 30 seconds in the spotlight.

While this may seem shocking, it’s actually a very logical marketing move – what she’ll forgo in direct payment, she’ll make up for with valuable exposure. With Lady Gaga’s new album slated for early October ‘17, over 100 million viewers won’t hurt her sales. She’ll likely have a tour to follow, which means big money for her – the Monster Ball Tour in 2011 grossed $239 million.

Forbes removed the bit about Gaga releasing an album in October, and updated their article to include the following:

Correction: This article previously stated that Lady Gaga will release a new album in early October 2017. Gaga has not announced a release date for her next album.

If you notice, they don’t deny any has plans of an October release, just that she has made no mention of it. Hmmmm…..

Are you ready for a follow up to Joanne? Or would you rather see Gaga go on tour first? reports,

Last week, Gaga hit up the recording studio with Brian Kennedy, who’s the mastermind behind Rihanna’s “Disturbia” and “Fire Bomb,” Chris Brown’s“Forever” and Kelly Clarkson’s “Mr. Know It All,” as well as country singer-songwriter Dallas Davidson Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton’s go-to producer.

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