Britney Spears is leaving Las Vegas – what’s her next move??


Will the legendary pop star officially end her 4 year residency in Vegas?

(Jodi shares the story starting at 32:02)

According to Forbes

Sorry to say Britney fans, but the singer’s “Piece Of Me” Las Vegas residency is, in fact, ending. After initially signing on for a two-year stint and then renewing her stay for another two, the internationally adored pop star has apparently had enough of Sin City. Her last show will be on New Year’s Eve at the end of this year.

In its years on the Strip, “Piece Of Me” earned the distinction of being one of the most successful shows to ever descend onto Vegas. Earlier this year, the residency, which played like a greatest hits collection, announced that it had sold more than $100 million in tickets, and that doesn’t take into account merchandise sales or the remaining shows. It also doesn’t include the revenue generated by concertgoers who spent on hotel rooms, restaurants, alcohol or in the casino. It’s difficult to estimate an all-encompassing sum that might explain just how valuable the chanteuse really is.


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